The Presumptive Nominees Are…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Indiana primaries are over and the Republican National Committee are saying that Donald Trump is the presumptive presidential nominee. Also, it’s being reported that John Kasich is preparing to drop out. On the other side of the aisle it seems the media is also saying the same for Hillary Clinton, although Bernie Sanders won the Indiana primary…go figure. Unlike with Trump whose competitors are dropping out, Bernie Sanders seems to be gaining energy and is not going anywhere. So…NOW…will there be a contested Democratic convention?

Yesterday’s post titled, Will it End in Indiana? discussed whether last night would be the end for some of the campaigns. Well Cruz announced early in the evening that he was suspending his campaign and I have to admit that I was a little shocked! I mean, if anyone I expected to throw in the towel right after the votes were being counted, it was John Kasich with his one state win! Ted Cruz seemed to have a better case, in my opinion, to fight it out until Ohio. So what REALLY happened? Curious minds, like myself want to know! Did the opposition research by the Trump campaign obtain something on Cruz that would have ruined him if it got out? Did Trump offer him money, threaten to kidnap his dog….what happened?! I suppose it is possible that because he lost really badly in Indiana after repeatedly saying that he had a good shot at winning, he figured to hell with it. Especially when he decided to confront Trump supporters to ask them why they were voting for Trump (see it below). You hear stuff like “He’s gonna take down ISIS!” and “The wall”!  So just like that…Donald Trump is the 2016 Republican candidate for the President of the United States. And there will be NO contested Republican Convention…*sniff*.

Now on to the Democrats. Bernie Sanders won 52.7 percent of the vote and 44 pledged delegates but did not win any super delegates. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton won 39 pledged delegates and 7 super delegates for a combined total of 46 delegates. So this is a case where the loser actually won more than the winner as a direct result of the Democratic party delegate selection and counting process. Even if you don’t include the super delegates, she got just 5 fewer votes than the winner!  Still, Sanders is proving that he is still relevant and despite being significantly behind Clinton in both pledged delegates and super delegates…he is gaining, not losing ground.

So again, the Republican Party has announced Donald Trump as their nominee and the media is announcing Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. However, since Bernie is showing no signs of dropping out and more voters are apparently “feeling the Bern”,  I am now crossing my fingers for a contested convention in Philadelphia! So will Trump focus on Clinton or Sanders? Well, I guess if he stays focused on Clinton that will help Sanders. HMmmmmmm! Have those two been talking?!

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine! ****By the way, please take some time to provide feedback on THIS blog post and the blog in general. All comments (even negative ones) are appreciated******






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