OPINION: Most Exciting Republican Convention

The 2016 Republican Convention concluded last night and Donald J. Trump gave, what may be, the LONGEST acceptance speech in history! Seriously…he talked for over an hour and as the cameras panned the audience you could see that many were growing tired. Finally, it was over and the Trump-Pence families were on the stage! The red, white, and blue balloons eventually starting falling from the ceiling (I think the balloon folks fell asleep for a while).  Overall, this was the most exciting Republican convention I have ever seen! This post will be brief and is more of a commentary.

Peter Thiel, co-Founder of PayPal
The purpose of Thiel’s speech was to announce that he is a proud gay Republican and that is all he did. It was great to see him “come out” to his Party but the fact that it is even a big deal is a problem in and of itself that needs to be addressed. It would have been great if he would have taken the Party to task for not incorporating LGBTQ issues on the Republican platform…but I guess it can only be one thing at a time. Overall, several news outlets are reporting that Thiel was warmly received ; however, based on the show of faces while he was talking, I would describe the mood as mixed. There were definitely more women who smiled, nodded, and/or clapped when he made his announcement whereas the men seemed to tolerate it. It was almost if they were thinking “As long as it gets us the votes so that we can beat Hillary.” Especially men that looked over 50 (which is most of them), they had this deadpan expression…so as long as Trump doesn’t plan to appoint any LGBTQ folks to his staff, the Republican party will continue to warm up to him.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump did a great job of softening her father’s image without making him sound like too mushy. She came across as being genuinely proud of her father and when he came on stage, it was clear that the feeling of pride is mutual. I admit it was nice to see their father/daughter moment. Ivanka looked amazing and it turns out that the lovely dress she wore was from her very own label and at $158 it is affordable. Wow…smart lady and great taste! She spoke very well and was the perfect person to introduce the Republican presidential candidate. All of the Trump children looked great and gave wonderful speeches.

Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech
Well it was definitely very long and like Rudy Giuliani, he yelled most of his speech. What is it with all of the yelling? Earlier in the evening, Pastor Mark Burns yelled at the audience about Donald Trump creating jobs for the poor and like Giuliani, he too used a lot of hand gestures to emphasize every word. I will say that my ears are ringing a little after this Convention. Anyway…I digress. So Trump accepted the nomination and let us in on his plan to make America great again and it is simple…he will achieve everything he proposes by making us #1. UMMmmmm…okayeeee so that’s the plan? I still have so many questions though…what are some specific things he will do to make me #1 (just name a few)? He’s going to re-negotiate trade deals (how?; he will make America safe again (how?); he is going to increase education in the inner city (how?); he is going to create a bunch of jobs (how?)…the list goes on. At the end of the Republican Convention, I still have no clue HOW any of Trump’s promises are supposed to be reached? Will he expand the federal government (education in the inner city, increase law and order, highway construction, etc.) or eliminate federal jobs? Even if he outsource federal jobs to the private sector, the federal government still has to pay for it…so what about taxes? Again…there are still so many questions.

Donald Trump once again labeled himself the “law and order candidate” and well…that did not bring me comfort. Visions of a militaristic-style regime where a curfew would be imposed on every city and where the slightest disagreement with authority could result in prison or death. I mean doesn’t that contradict the freedoms of our country…especially the right to have freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble? I cannot imagine why the audience was excited about that. Should Trump win in November, it seems I might have to start loading up on non-perishable food and hunker down in the basement. When on the street I will have to make sure not to make eye contact with a police officer to avoid being punished for being disrespectful. If I am told that my home needs to be searched, I dare not ask for a warrant because that may be considered disrespectful too. Between Sheriff Clarke’s very angry speech on law and order and Trump’s declaration to be a “law and order candidate”…not to mention rage from Rudy Giuliani about law and order on Monday….I just feel more fearful rather than safe.

The Trump-Pence Ticket: The Awkwardness
First there was the weird air kiss Trump attempted to give Mike Pence on Thursday night and there was last night. Finally, at nearly midnight Trump accepted the nomination and he was joined by Mike Pence. There they were Trump, Pence and their respective families. Both families looked great, but they just seemed so out of place with each other. As the camera showed them waving and smiling at the crowd, they made absolutely NO eye contact with each other! I would have liked to at least seen a little camaraderie between the families. The wives could not be more different…I mean who wants to stand next to a former GQ and Sports Illustrated model except another model??  Also, that squinty-eyed pose, which is quickly becoming Melania’s signature look, is not very warm or inviting. Karen Pence is a school teacher who looks like the everyday woman and Melania is the former model who looks like a…trophy-wife. The Pence children looked great but seemed out of place standing near the millionaire, boarding-school educated Trump siblings (well…except for Tiffany).  Speaking of which, poor Tiffany…Trump specifically acknowledged the wonderful speeches Melania and Ivanka gave but I was thinking…what about Tiffany?

I don’t know…Trump and Pence just do not seem to have chemistry and I doubt if it will develop later. You either have it or you don’t. Like their husbands, Melania Trump and Karen Pence just do not seem to have the mutual fondness for each other like Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have. In fact, I think that it would be best if Karen and Melania NEVER stand or sit next to each other because folks will subconsciously compare them which would not be fair. It’s not just about the difference in  height either. Michelle Obama is taller than Jill Biden, but they seem to have a genuine fondness for each other that shows in their photographs.

The Republican Convention has ended and the Trump/Pence ticket is official! Now on to the Democratic Convention. Will there be any plagiarized speeches, a filibuster speech from Sanders telling Democrats to “vote your conscience”…we will see!

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!

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