Well folks, we made it through day 3 and this had to be the best day yet! This post will be brief and I will only recap my favorite parts which are probably the same as yours so here goes!

The entire lineup was spectacular but my favorite speakers were close to the end of the night. Vice-president Joe Biden  (“Uncle Joe”) was really good. I was not aware of his big role against domestic violence and also apartheid…among other causes. I was aware of his many heartbreaks (first wife, daughter, and son) and am inspired by the fact that he never gave up. He and his wife Jill just seem like people you would like to sit and talk with on a porch or in the back yard. However, don’t let his folksy charm fool you because he went hard on his criticism of Donald Trump. He reminded us that Trump “doesn’t have a clue” which ended up being a popular chant. Glad to learn that the Bidens and the Obamas will remain close.

Then President Obama took the stage…and when he walked on, it felt good but sad. He reminded us why he won two terms. It’s the feelings of hope, love, and optimism that he gives off as soon as he begins to speak. By the way…I was at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston and do remember hearing him speak!  Back then, he was a young Illinois State Senator who was introducing Democratic presidential nominee, John Kerry. For the most part, it was a pretty boring convention UNTIL Obama started talking! Everyone was so motivated and inspired by him that we all wished that he, not John Kerry, was the nominee! We all knew he would be though and he was just four short years later. So, last night’s moment was bittersweet. President Obama did a good job clarifying that Hillary Clinton is not entitled to the presidency, she has earned it. I really did not feel that way before last night. Like many others, I felt like she thought she was entitled and that folks should vote for her just because of her name. It is not her name, but her experience. Then President Obama spoke about Trump and called him by name this time, often using a little humor to remind us how comical his campaign would be if it weren’t so serious. Then his speech came to a close and he started to say his “good-byes”. Smiles turned to frowns and eyes filled with tears. It felt like seeing a good friend leave before you were ready for them to go! Obama has been an outstanding (not perfect) President and the First Family will be missed. Now…it’s time for Democrats to get to work and get Hillary elected! The Trump-Spence campaign is underway and based on a press conference Trump gave…they may get some help from the Russians! Lookout Hillary!

That’s it for my recap of day 3 and The Political Great Whine is now back for the last day! 

Thanks for listening to me whine and I hope my whining made you think! If so, please tell your friends, family and colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!


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