“You can’t handle the truth!”

Hello and welcome to pre-debate post from the Political Great Whine! Yes, I know I promised a new post every week…but it is very hard to keep up with everything that is going on in the world of politics. However, for political junkies like me (and you too if you are reading this post) there is never a dull moment! This will be a very brief post because I anticipate having a whole lot to say after tonight’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (just in case you forgot their names)!  There are so many “Debate Watch” parties going on tonight and hopefully you will have chance to attend one. This brief post is just my two cents about all of those pre-debate discussions with the pundits and Trump’s issues with the truth. So without further delay…let’s just jump right in!

Debate Predictions – PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!
Political pundits and insiders started making predictions last week and it really increased three-fold on the weekend. Anyone remotely close to the Clinton and Trump campaigns were on the news shows giving their “insight” on what to expect from their candidate. Everyone and their mother have been giving “tips” on what each candidate needs to do to win the debate…”Hillary needs to show a softer side”, “Trump needs to be more presidential”, “Hillary should not come off as a policy wonk”, “Trump needs to talk more about policy”…et cetera, et cetera. My tip to everyone is to PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS! I know the surrogates have to have something to do so that they can get paid, but enough is enough. No one knows what will happen until it happens. As for giving the candidates tips, they are receiving coaching from paid professionals and I doubt seriously that either candidate is receiving their guidance from people who are being paid by a news network. Granted, I enjoy watching the pundits debate about the latest headlines but watching them go back and forth about who will do or say what is very boring…at least in my opinion. Unless someone is willing to put up some real money on who they think will “win”, then the predictions need to stop! I put the word “win” inside quotes, because I wonder how a winner is determined in a debate? According to this article, it seems that different things ranging from media (pundit) discussions to polls are used to determine the winner. I say that we just cut to the chase and go to the polls and vote the very next day. There…done! The winner is decided!

Trump’s Truths
In case you missed it, several major news outlets had articles about the number of false statements that Donald Trump has made throughout his campaign. His most recent false statement (at least as of noon today) was that the moderator of tonight’s debate, Lester Holt, is a Democrat so everything will be rigged. Well it turns out that Holt is actually a Republican. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway,  was asked why her candidate lied and her explanation was basically that Trump did not know what Holt’s registration was so he can’t lie about something he does not know.  You can see and hear her lame explanation in her own words in the video below:

Wow! What a spin…in fact I am still dizzy from that one! So that is why I decided to title this section of the post “Trump’s Truths” because according to his handlers, everything Trump says IS true…to him. So, just to be clear…if I say something based on having no knowledge about it, then it is true! It is only a lie if I say something that is opposite to what I KNOW about it. This revelation totally changes my job interviewing techniques! So the next time I am asked about a skill or computer software that I have no knowledge about, my response will be “Oh I’m really good at software x! In fact, I’m the best at it actually. I know how to do software x better than the person who invented it!” Then, I will cross my fingers and hope I am not given a test on software x! So…I might have to tweak this for job interviewing, but my social skills can definitely benefit from this new truth definition! I now have so much to say about famous and important people that I have no clue about!  I will keep you posted on how that works out.

Anyway, back to Trump and his truths. I have given up on fact-checking Trump myself or waiting for the media to do it. There is no point at this point.

Will Tonight’s Debate Make a Difference in Voting Behavior?
I began today’s post griping about predictions and will end the post with my own. I predict that neither Hillary nor Trump will lose or gain voters after tonight’s debate. At least not enough to change an electorate. People have already made up their mind about who they are voting for or if they are voting at all. Of course, every network will have a panel of “undecided” voters whom they will ask if the debate has changed their mind. Well, those folks are lying when they claim they have not made up their mind. I mean…really?? In a polarized election of historical proportions, you still can’t decide between two polar opposite candidates? You really do get a lot of perks when you claim to be undecided. Seriously! Try it out next time you are at your polling place and are in need of some love and attention from the candidates (local, state, national). Just say – “You know, I came to vote but I really haven’t made up my mind and just figured it will come to me when I get in the booth.”  Then sit back and watch each candidate and/or their surrogates rush towards you to hear your concerns! You might even be able to FINALLY get that community center built in your neighborhood or even a job!

Anyway…thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!



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