What’s Trust Got to Do with It?

We are a little more than a month away from election day (PLEASE HURRY) and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are struggling in the polls when it comes to the issue of trust. Specifically when it comes to whether or not Hillary and Trump are being honest and transparent about their finances and health. This post will attempt to settle the issue right here…right now!

Does Trust Matter?
You often here surrogates/supporters on both sides talk about how voters do not feel that they can trust the opposing candidate. How can we trust Hillary if she doesn’t release those 30,000 emails? How can we trust Donald Trump if he doesn’t release his tax returns? I have a few questions for those of you who are grappling with this is…What kind of assurance are you expecting from the candidates? Do you need them to promise not to sell the country to China? Are you afraid that one of them might put us in a war just for fun or profit? I keep hearing that voters don’t trust the candidates, but I am wondering what exactly don’t they trust them to do or not do?  Let’s break things down by looking at the trust issues for each candidate.

Hillary Clinton and Email-gate
Back when Hillary was Secretary of State, she used a private server to send and receive work emails. When this was discovered, there were concerns that classified information could have easily gotten into the wrong hands via hacking since it was “unprotected”. She was questioned by Congress and the issue was investigated by the Department of Justice (DOJ). They discovered that 30,000 emails were deleted. Trump supporters can often be heard chanting “Lock her up” and the surrogates continue to say how this is an example of why she can’t be trusted. SOooooo, what exactly are you afraid that she might do should she win the presidency? Is there a concern that the missing emails may reveal a sinister plot by Hillary to sell the country to the highest bidder on the “dark net” using bitcoins (with the 400lb techie that Trump mentioned during the debate)?

If elected President, is there a fear that she will form a treaty with only those countries who have donated to the Clinton Foundation? Or that she will start a war with those who did not? Finally, if elected President, is there a fear that she will use a private server again?

The Political Great Whine’s two cents: Since this blogger is not planning to befriend or betroth Hillary Clinton there is no need to fear any betrayal. Also and since she has worked in public office for many years, it would not be in her best interest to undermine the United States and lose the privilege that she and her family name enjoys.

Donald Trump and his Tax Returns
Trump still has not released his tax returns. First, he said that he could not release them because he was being audited by the IRS. Recently, during the debates, he said that he would release them as soon as Hillary release/finds the missing emails. So what does Trump’s tax returns have to do with his trustworthiness? Are you afraid that maybe he owes China some money and, if elected President, will use the Department of Treasury as his own personal bank? Is there a concern that his tax returns may reveal a man who has more debt than assets which would call into question his ability to create a budget plan? Or wait a minute…are you afraid that it is actually Trump who is in cahoots with the 400lb techie?

Finally, if elected President, is there a fear that maybe Trump is secretly planning to grow his business empire by using the Office of the President to promote/market his properties and products? Regarding the latter, Trump has stated that if he’s elected he will no longer be responsible for the day-to-day activities of his companies…his children will.  Whew!…it’s good to know that there will be no conflict of interest there!

The Political Great Whine’s two cents: Similar to Hillary, there are no plans to be friend or family to Mr. Trump so there is no fear of him cheating on or putting out a hit to collect life assurance. However, it is questionable if whether Trump can be trusted to promote policies that may be good for the working and middle class  but would hurt his businesses such as affordable housing, affordable higher education, increasing the federal minimum wage…etc. Ever since he first said that the housing crisis was good for his business…it became clear that oftentimes what may be good for business is not good for government…and vice versa.

The Political Great Whine tries to be unbiased, but it has proven to be very difficult in this election. Still, the goal of this blog is not to tell readers who to vote for but to encourage you to at least get involved in the political discourse…and vote…period.

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!


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