Two Down- One to Go!

The second presidential debate is over and there is only one more left. I am sure Donald Trump was glad to get THAT over with! Everyone was on pins and needles wondering how he was going to respond to the Access Hollywood tapes, especially when he posed with the 5 or 6 women who claim Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them. The Political Great Wine expected the debate area to be transformed into a boxing ring at that point so that the candidates could throw verbal punches to each other! Alas, there was no need for that because, other than not shaking hands at the beginning, the candidates behaved themselves.  This post will briefly highlight a few key moments in Sunday night’s second presidential debate.

The Moderators
The moderators for the 2nd debate was Anderson Cooper (CNN) and Martha Raddatz (ABC) and they were an awesome duo! I loved how they kept the candidates in line so that neither of them talked too much beyond their 2 minutes. At the end of the debate, the total talking time for Trump was 40 minutes and the total talking time for Hillary was 39 minutes…very close. Good job moderators!

The Opening
Hillary and Donald met on stage and neither seemed ready to deal with the other. They did not shake hands and you could feel the tension through the flat screen. Things managed to improve as the night went on.

Donald Trump and Access Hollywood Hot Mic
Anderson Cooper just cut right to the chase (thank you Anderson) and brought up the tape. Anderson told Donald Trump that the called what he said “locker room banter” and bragged about sexually assaulting women (kissing them and grabbing their genital without consent). Trump responded: “I don’t think you understood.” He goes on to again call what he said “locker room talk”  added that he wasn’t proud of it but again confirmed that it was “locker room talk”.  It seems that Donald Trump does not understand that he was NOT in a locker room when he made those vulgar statements and if that is what is being said in locker rooms, then “Houston, we have a problem” and it is a really bad one.

Still, that is about as contrite as we can expect Donald Trump to get so I think we should let it rest until the next tapes come out.

On the Issues
Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were asked questions about their tax policy, health care (Obamacare), immigration, etc. Both of them pretty much recited the same things they have always said on those issues…so nothing new there. For those voters who are somehow still confused about where both candidates are on the issues, each candidate’s website really does explain their position. It just comes down to whether you agree with most, some, or all of their views about the issues.

Sniffs, Pacing, and the Debate Overall
Once again Trump sniffed a lot and tended to pace the floor a lot while Hillary was speaking. Other than needing oxygen, it is not known why he seems to have to forcefully breath through his nose so often. Maybe he has sinus issues…which is perfectly plausible. The pacing was menacing and weird though.

Overall the debate was okay. Thankfully, the explosion that could have occurred if Trump had succeeded with allowing the Bill Clinton accusers to be seated in his family area. Trump has never invited those women to Trump Towers to hold a press conference nor did we see them with him addressing the media after the debate. So it is difficult to believe that his sudden interest in their plight is not for political reasons only.

I do not think the purpose of the debates is to educate the public about policy positions. After all, they only get 2 minutes to respond! However, it is interesting to see HOW both candidates respond to tough questions while on camera. You get to observe demeanor, word choices, non-verbal communication, etc. which are all important attributes.

What Can We Expect at the Next Debate
The final debate will be held on Wednesday, October 19th and it will be the candidates’ last chance to appeal to those undecided voters. It will be located in Las Vegas and is already being dubbedVegas Fight Nightby Breitbart News, which is a pro-Trump conservative news site.

Whatever your choice for president will be on November 8th, just remember to do your part and vote!

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!


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