Me Thinks the Trump Doth Protest Too Much

We are about three weeks away from election day (November 8th) and for the last three weeks or more Donald Trump has been saying that the election system is rigged against him. He contends that should Hillary Clinton win, it will not be a reflection of the people’s will but a result of a corrupt voting system. However, the recent WikiLeak email dump of Hillary Clinton’s emails; the hacked emails at the Democratic National Committee; and the affirmation by both Democratic and Republican Congress members that the Russians have been breaching U.S. voting system makes me think that Donald Trump is protesting a bit too much.  It is like a bad marriage where a cheating spouse constantly accuses the other of cheating which puts the accused cheater in defense mode while the actual cheater continues to cheat!

The Republican Primary – Trump Wins!
We have heard Trump’s claim of a “rigged system” before. During the last months of the Republican primary, Trump started protesting that the primary elections were rigged against him DESPITE the fact he was winning by enormous margins in almost every state he won! He only lost in 10 states and had large wins in states where the races were expected to be a little closer (NE-61.4%, Oregon-66.6%, WA-75.8%, MT-73.7%, etc.). It must be emphasized that it is not suspicious that Trump won those states, but the margins by which he won them are enormous for someone who kept protesting that the votes were rigged AGAINST him. Still, he and his supporters could be heard shouting that their voices were being quelled by a corrupt primary election voting system. If Trump were losing in a lot of states and barely winning in others, then his claims that the system was rigged against him might be better understood. Things just did not add up.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Emails
Just a few days before the Democratic National Convention began, emails between national Democratic staffers were hacked and leaked to the public. This resulted in the ouster of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and added wounds to the Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders battle for the Democratic nomination. Somehow, Hillary and Bernie managed (so it seems) to get through that but it definitely proved to be a challenging time for the Democratic Party…and it still is.  Trump and his supporters pointed to a few emails as proof of a rigged system…this time though it was just the Democrats that were rigged. However, interestingly enough there were no leaked emails from the Republican National Committee. Soon evidence was discovered which suggested Russian intelligence was behind the DNC hacked emails and recently the federal government has officially accused Russia of trying to interfere with U.S. elections.

Hacking of Hillary’s Campaign Manager (John Podesta) Emails
Recently, on October 13th, emails belonging to campaign manager for the Hillary Clinton campaign were hacked and released via WikiLeaks. Those emails, like the DNC emails, seem are being scoured through to find negative information about Hillary Clinton. According to Trump, the hacked emails again confirms that Hillary’s campaign is corrupt. So things are just not looking good for Hillary. Not sure how these hacked emails are hurting the Trump campaign and helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Release of Transcript of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman-Sachs Speeches
Finally, just this past weekend…transcripts from speeches given by Hillary to Goldman-Sacks were obtained and released via…WikiLeaks! As you might expect, the transcripts do not reveal a tongue-lashing from Hillary which is problematic for most voters. Yet more evidence, according to Trump, of a corrupt and rigged system against him. However, still not seeing how the hacked speech transcripts are hurting the Trump campaign though.

Just who exactly is doing the rigging here?
The Republican National Committee’s emails have not been hacked, Donald Trump’s campaign staff emails have not been hacked, and court papers from the various lawsuits against him/his companies have not been obtained and released by WikiLeaks. To date, all of the information that has been hacked and released has hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign to Donald Trump’s benefit. Is it because the Republican Party has a better firewall? Or maybe Donald Trump really is in cahoots with the 400lb techie who is doing all of this from his couch! The Political Great Whine is on the hunt to find that darn techie!

If the system is indeed rigged AGAINST Donald Trump it sure seems to be helping him a great deal!  Just as with the Republican primary elections, if things were rigged against him…then why didn’t he lose more than 10 states? It seems weird that the person who is winning would complain that things are rigged against them. The Political Great Whine thinks the Donald doth protest too much. What do YOU think?

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!

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