The Unfolding Drama of the Trump Administration

The Political Great Whine went on hiatus once again but I assure you that it was not due to a lack of material.  Trump’s presidency is like a Lifetime movie because there is always so much drama. In fact, just like the Lifetime Channel…there should be a Trump Channel with movies about White House leaks, espionage, suspected treason, cover-ups, sibling rivalry…you name it.  The only thing missing is a sex tape…but wait…there will always be the infamous Hollywood Access Tape where then, candidate Donald Trump, bragged about being able to grab women by the the va-jay-jay. Well folks, the Trump presidency is still in its infancy (not even a 100 days old yet) but yet so many things have happened. Unfortunately, none of it happens to be legislation.

President Trump has said and tweeted so many things that it is hard to know where to begin! So, we will just start by talking about the latest drama which is the bombing in Syria. Yep…The Political Great Whine is starting things up with a bang!

Trump’s Missile Strike Against Syria: For the Children…No for Us!
On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 President Bashar al-Assad dropped chemical bombs in the remote area of the Idlib Province in Syria. Many people, including babies and toddlers, suffered immeasurable pain and asphyxiation after breathing in poisonous gas. Initially, Trump acknowledged that what happened in Syria was “a disgrace to humanity” and only said “something should happen”, but it was unclear what that meant. Well, the world soon learned two days later that he meant military action against Syria when 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired on the evening of Thursday, April 6th.  During his address, President Trump stated that Assad had killed “helpless men, women, and children” and “even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered  in this very barbaric attack” so he ordered a military strike where the chemical attack was launched.  So it seems he did it for the children — but then he continues on to say that the military strike was in the “vital national security interest of the United States….” So, he did it for us!

The missiles targeted Syria’s aircraft shelters, ammunition supply bunkers, and logistical storage, etc. No civilians were targeted. Some have lauded Trump’s actions saying that it was long overdue and that it was a pleasant contrast to former President Obama whom many feel did not do enough. Then there are others, specifically Trump’s base voters, who  feel he should have kept the United States out of it.

President Orders Military Strike without the Consent of Congress
Trump ordered a military strike on Syria without seeking congressional approval and many historians believe that this was unconstitutional.  Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution  grants Congress the power to declare war while Article II, Section 2 names the President Commander in Chief of the armed forces who has the authority to direct military AFTER Congress has declared war.

So, was Trump’s Military Strike Unconstitutional?
Trump’s legal team has once again proven that they can find a loophole in almost everything and because Trump stated that his order for military action against Syria was in the “vital national security interest of the United States” he landed in the gray area of constitutionality.   You see…Trump did not specifically declare war on Syria and historically, presidents have not always sought approval from Congress before acting (i.e., Truman and The Korean War or Nixon and Vietnam). So, while it was not quite unconstitutional, Congress has told him that he must consult with them before taking further military action. Translation: “I am going to let you get away with it THIS time, but don’t let it happen again.” But…hey, who knows!

“The Lies He Told”- #1 “Stay out of Syria”
During his presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly stated to a a crowd of cheering supporters that the United States should stay out of the Middle East because we have “screwed” it up so badly and destabilized the region. On Syria, he said that the Middle East would be better if Syria’s President Assad had even more power. In his own words: Trump discusses his views on the Middle East and Syria in 2015.

“The Lies He Told”- #2 “Whatever happened to the element of surprise?”
In the final presidential debate, candidate Trump was asked about Mosul and what the U.S. should do. In his response, Trump seemed to actually make good point when he asked “Whatever happened to the element of surprise?” He goes on to say how the U.S will announce that they are going after Mosul which only gives the bad guys time to get out. In his own words: Here it is below:

Well, fast-forward to Thursday, April 6th and…
PSSSst…Russia it’s me, President Trump. We’re about to bomb Syria. FYI!
Apparently, President Trump did not get the memo from himself as candidate Trump.  Just before Trump ordered the military strike on Syria, he called Russia to let them know what was about to go down. So much for the element of surprise.

Where do we go from here?
So now that President Trump has sent a “message” to Syria to let Assad know that he is strong and will not allow Assad to use chemical weapons on the people of Syria…what is Trump’s Syria policy?  Inquiring minds want to know! Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in Moscow right now hammering things out with Russia. Interestingly, when he landed at the Moscow airport..there was large dumpster fire — HMMMmmmm. So what are you trying to say Russia? Speaking of the Secretary of State…how did his mother come up with the name “Rex”…do you think she was into dinosaurs “Tyrannosaurus Rex” and thought “If I ever have a son, I will name him Rex!”

Okay, I digress!  Back on the topic…so what is Trump’s policy on Syria? It seems all of the top officials in his cabinet have something to say about that except the President himself. As yet, we still do not know what the goals are or whether he will deploy the military again. It seems that the “element of surprise” is only reserved for the American people…and Congress. Surprise!

What are your thoughts on Trump’s Military Strike on Syria?

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!


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