The Headless White House

The violence that occurred in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday, August 12, 2017 is both unforgettable and unforgivable.  A member of a white supremacy group used his vehicle as a weapon to plow down a crowd of peaceful protestors who were against the hateful, anti-American rhetoric that was being spewed that day. The country waited for the president to say something that would soothe and heal the pain caused by hatred. The country waited for the president to call out evil for what it is and to call it by its name. The country waited for the president to lead.

No Leader of the Free World
The president finally addressed the situation in Charlottesville, VA from his golf resort in New Jersey, but as soon as he began to speak, it became painfully clear that he lacked the charisma, grace, and fortitude required of a leader.  He did not call out the evil by name but instead used vague and ambiguous language saying that there was “hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides…”  That is not the case, hatred existed on ONE side–not “many sides”.  One can not even imagine the degree of hate and evil that consumed the driver so much that he would want to use his car to kill people just because they did not agree with him. The president of the United States used be called the “leader of the free world” but unfortunately, the Trump administration has failed to show leadership of any kind despite several opportunities. The horrific incident on Saturday was just one of many times that the United States expected leadership but instead got cowardice.

Afraid of Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin expelled hundreds of American diplomats and President Trump thanked him. That’s right–he thanked him and said that it would save the United States some money. Well, fortunately, the diplomats are not out of a job (just out of Russia) but to be ruthlessly kicked out onto the street by hostile foreign leader only for your own president to say “thank you” to the perpetrator is just a very low blow! Imagine if, as a child, your teacher just kicked you out of class and threw out all of your belongings onto school grounds.  You tell your parents about the ordeal thinking that things will get handled and that teacher would have some explaining to do! Then, your mom or dad just says “thank you” and that by throwing you and your things out, the teacher actually saved them trouble of having to do it.

Trump Finally Says the Names but is it a Little too Late?
Trump held a news conference earlier during which he finally called out “white supremacists” and other hate groups by name. After an entire weekend and after almost every other politician at all levels of government urged the president to denounce the white supremacists, neo-nazis, and other hate groups who support him…he finally did it. The speech sounds nice and the president did a nice job by finally saying it, but it is doubtful that he has gained any leadership points.  It’s like if someone accidentally did something to you and you had to tell them over and over to say that they’re sorry. Other people also chimed in to tell them to say that they’re sorry…and finally, they say it. Would you really consider their words to be sincere?  Things like love, gratitude, sympathy, and contrition are most effective when they are voluntarily given— not forced.

A Leader in Name Only
The title of “President” evokes images of someone who is fearless and strong. Trump won the presidential election and has been office a little over six months, but he has yet to exhibit anything that says he is a leader. He is clearly a lead complainer, lead bully, and lead insulter…but he is not a leader. Has he taken a lead on anything that the promised during the election? Has he put staff in place to work with Congress to get his legislative agenda implemented? Oh…wait…he does not have one.  The sad thing is–he never did. His rise to victory was solely based on promising a lot of things without saying HOW he was going to do it…and his supporters did not ask. They did/do not care. It is as if they thought that his mere presence in the White House would make his promises come to fruition. That type of blind trust and faith is typically reserved for spiritual journeys. If a stranger walked up to you and said that they could make you wealthy, young, and gorgeous if you just believe them-would you do it without asking any questions? During his, Trump promised to build a wall  that will be paid by Mexico, replace and repeal  ObamaCare in one day, and bring manufacturing jobs back. He would often end those claims by saying things like “trust me folks” and “believe me”.  Well, many are still waiting for him to lead this beautiful country. In fact, all of us Americans are still waiting for our leader.

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!


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