President Trump is Impeached – Now What?

We are heading into the new year with an impeached president and a divided Congress. The polls can finally stop asking voters if they think the President should be impeached because it has happened. Based on various testimonies and the actual words of President Trump about his call with Ukraine, the House of Representatives voted in favor of two articles of impeachment.

The Ball is Now in the Senate’s Court
The next step is for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) to send it to the Senate for a vote on whether he should be removed from office. However, because key Republican senator leaders like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell have publicly stated that they will not be fair when considering the evidence and in fact will not call any witnesses. Since the Republicans have the majority in the Senate, once they receive the two articles of impeachment they are planning to take it straight to a vote where they will all vote against it – case closed. No witnesses questioned, no evidence reviewed, and no discussions held – just plain old “No”.

I don’t know about you, but making a decision without even considering information that incriminates or absolves the President is an abdication of duty on the part of the Senate. To just vote on something as serious as the articles of impeachment without even having a trial is blatantly unfair and should not be ignored by voters, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.

Articles of Impeachment now Goes to the Senate – WAIT, NOT SO FAST!
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to hold off on sending over the articles of impeachment until Congress returns from the holidays and this voter thinks that was a good decision. Had she sent those articles over to the Senate before the holiday recess in light of their public announcement to vote against them without so much as a discussion, it would have defeated the purpose of holding Trump accountable. The Republican Senators would have quickly voted against removing the President, inaccurately called the impeachment process a sham, wished everyone Merry Christmas, and went home. They would have returned as if the impeachment never happened and after all of the gifts, good food, and good cheer over the holidays – voters will have their eyes looking forward to finding out who President Trump’s Democratic opponent will be. Again – it would be as if the impeachment NEVER happened.

Now that those two articles of impeachment will be all snug and waiting for the Senate to return to work after the new year, voters will have to remember what President Trump has to be held accountable Trump and hold their elected representatives accountable for how they decide to vote. We voters tend to have a short memory and would love to forget any of this ever happened, but it is very important that we do NOT forget that a sitting president used his influence to use a foreign country to his personal benefit. Seriously, of all of the countries that have known issues with corruption who receive U.S aid, Trump decides to home in on Ukraine? Oh and he uses his personal attorney to do it? Yeah, I was born on a day, but it was not yesterday!

Our Job as Voters – Hold Elected Representatives in Both Houses Accountable
While the Senate decides on how to proceed and whether to be fair or not, voters must hold elected Congress members in both the House and Senate accountable. If the Senate decides not to hear evidence that may help President Trump and clear his name but instead vote against the articles of impeachment just because it came from a Democratic House, then that is corrupt and places a horrible stain on our democracy. Trump promised to “Make America Great Again” not to make it a monarchy and himself a king.

Thanks for “listening” to me whine. Hopefully, my whining has made you think. If so, tell your friends/family/colleagues that you heard it through the Political Great Whine!


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