Political Great Whine is BACK BABY!

The Political Great Whine has been off due to unforeseen personal circumstances, but the wind is behind us now and pushing things forward! So much has happened and IS happening in the world of politics so it is great to be back!

The opinions provided on the Political Great Whine are just that…opinions. Comments are encouraged and welcomed…just keep things respectful. Dissenting opinions are appreciated, but again…no threats or excessive profanity are allowed.  If you have somehow found your way to this blog, then you are passionate about politics and are exactly the kind of reader that the Political Great Whine is looking far! Glad you are here and hope that you decide to follow us.

The Political Great Whine plans to post a minimum of 2 blogs each week that may vary in length. The political topics will be on current news headlines but occasionally we may decide to give more in-depth information about a topic.  Feedback is helpful, so feel free to provide suggestions and comments about the blog in general.

So sit back, take a break, and read a Political Great Whine post! In addition to new posts being added, please read and comment on past posts as well!



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